lørdag 6. mai 2017

Ny nettside..

Som mange kanskje har fått med seg skriver jeg blogg og turrapporter på en ny adresse nå:


Denne siden tar en pause inntil videre. Tusen takk for følget sålangt, håper siden har vært til inspirasjon og nytte. Følg oss gjerne på våre nye eventyr! :)


mandag 20. mars 2017

Mixed ground in Meløy and Lofoten

After the Alpine Meeting in Kjøpsvik we set off for the coast of Helgeland and Meløy. Øyvind Gjersvik who runs Meløy Adventure arranged a nice room for us at his lodge. Our first goal was Lille Blokktind, (984 m) a steep mountain in Rødøy

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torsdag 16. februar 2017

Steep ice at Senja

Senja has recieved some media attention in the later years thanks to strong climbers like Ines Papert who climbed several bold lines on the face of Finnkona and Breitind. 

We set off for Legendary Lodge Senja who had arranged a caravan-site for us and joined Mammut Pro Team Climbers Denis Burdet, Ralf Weber and Nicolas Hojac. Emma was supposed to do an avalanche technician course in Åre this week but due to the accident she could participate in that and instead joined us on Senja for rest and recovery. 

The Swiss guys were eager getting into big stuff so the first day we set off for the steep faces of Finnkona on the outskirts of the island. The approach seemed to be longer than expected so I quickly arranged a boat transport to save us some time. We split in two parties, Ralf and I walked towards the north face while Denis and Nico headed straight up for the west face. 

Ice ice baby